Having business requirements from stakeholders, I want to present UX analysis for a website.

The problem is that I haven`t seen guidelines and structure how to do this.

Any way, example in PDF, PPT, or DOC format could help to solve this issue.


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One option is to use the analysis mentioned in the article How To Quantify The User Experience. It is a high level subjective scale where you get score (5-100) in four different areas:

enter image description here

Use five different statements in each area and make (subjective) measurement giving them each a value of 1-20. Then you'll get a (again subjective) value in four different areas that you can plot on a graph, if needed. The table may look like this:

enter image description here

If that does not meet your goal, you could always use the System Usability Scale, which is more scientific and well described in the article Measuring Usability With The System Usability Scale (SUS).


Are you presenting the results of a heuristic analysis, or the results of testing? The templates at http://usability.gov/templates/index.html are a good starting point.

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