This is a fairly straightforward question. I'm trying to grab icons for a CRM application. These icons are related to people and companies. Now a person could be an existing 'Contact' and a company could be an existing 'Account'. And both a person and a company could be an existing 'Lead' (something/someone) you want to do business with.

I need icons for these 3 things. And I am having trouble settling on any. The current version of my system just has L, C or A in a generic triangle warning icon.

Does someone know if there are icons that more intuitively convey these three things? For existing 'Contact' I feel the 'Person head' icon will work. I'm having trouble finding 'Lead' and 'Account' Icons.

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The whole point of icons is to convey the intended information as clearly as possible (in this case the fact that a person can be a contact or a lead and a company can be a lead or an account).

So you need four icons:

  • Person (contact)
  • Person (lead)
  • Company (lead)
  • Company (account)

My suggestions (though this is only subjective and in the end only you will know if it is right for your application):

  • Have 2 icons, a head for 'person' and a building for 'company'.
  • For each of these icons have a smaller, inset icon for 'contact, 'lead' and 'account'. Maybe something like an email, a double arrow or handshake and a folder or dollar sign.
  • This is a great suggestion. I will have to be very careful of picking good design as now I am dealing with a slightly complex icon. Its still easy to learn though – imbakaran Jan 2 '13 at 22:41

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