I would like to be able to track user activity on an HTML page.

What I want to achieve is the following, a breakdown of user activity per page, and a total time spent on the entire flow.

The information I want, is something similar to this:

User ID: [some number]

Page 1:
Pressed "btn-1" after 01:02 sec.
Pressed "btn-2" after 04:12 sec.
Pressed "next-btn" after 06:17 sec.
Total time: 06:17 sec

Page 2: Pressed "btn-1" after 02:05 sec.
Pressed "next-btn" after 03:37 sec.
Total time: 03:37 sec

Page 3:
Pressed "btn-1" after 00:44 sec.
Pressed "btn-2" after 03:02 sec.
Pressed "next-btn" after 06:02 sec.
Total time: 06:02 sec

All pages - total time: 15:02

Does any of you have experience with something like this? Is Google Analytics a way to go about this, or should I do a custom session tracker in JS?

What are some recommended tools for gaining mouse tracking insights?

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    person who gave you -1 should at least explain why they did it... But I guess it's because this is not UX related question, it's a software question.
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    Whether or not tools-related questions are appropriate is currently being discussed on our meta site
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    @JonW Yeah I know that, just saying that it would help. Kind of frustrating getting minuses not knowing what you did wrong. Probably should have checked the FAQ
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One tool that gets good review on 24 Usability Testing Tools is Simple Mouse Tracking (smt). It has a long feature list and probably covers all the topics you have listed in your question:

Record mouse activity on Web pages. This is a tool for webmasters, designers and everyone interested in how users use their Web interface.

Replay mouse activity in real time. Watch the movements that people have done on your website. This system will replay them either in real time or as a static layer.

Simple Mouse Tracking

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