I'm working on a business app that will have an offline mode and I'm curious what would be a good icon system to use as a status icon for the user? Since its a mobile app I was thinking of something like this wifi icon when a connection is active and an 'X' over it when no connection is detected.

Just curious if there are other systems that are more analogous or easily identifiable.

wifi-symbol with

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I would recommend going for what you have.

A quick search of wifi icons shows similar to the design you proposed and is commonly used across both iphone's and Android phones.

enter image description here enter image description here

With regards to no network being available, you can make it show it with the X or it another alternative would be to grey it out so.

I am not sure of how much space you have for the icon but I really like how facebook (android) shows that the connection is lost. enter image description here


I would not use a X but only a / or a \ not to complexify the picture and perhaps a combinaison with grey color

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