The iOS SDK doesn't have a multiple selection picker view. However Safari's picker view allows multiple selection. Fortunately ALPickerView was created to allow multiple selection in a picker view. Is there any good reason to not use a multiple selection picker since Apple didn't put it in the SDK?

The context I'm using it in is a long table view form. All the other entry elements popup a keyboard or picker on selection with next/previous buttons like Safari. I would think that it would ruin the flow of filling out the form if I pushed another table view on the user in the middle of filling out the form.

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The single picker view is well entrenched among iOS users by now, so you would need to find a way of letting your users know that it is a multiple selector. Right now, the project example page looks just like a single selector, which would lead me to believe that it was a single selector.

If you show me a doorknob, I will assume that it turns. If you show me a new doorknob I need to press to open, I will still try to turn it.

Find a way to make it obvious to your customers, or train them. But most of all, test whether it is improving your design or confusing your customers.

This answer hasn't touched on the question of whether Apple will allow an app with a multiple picker. If they aren't going to allow it, you will have no choice but not to use it. Find this out first.

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