I'm at the early stages of learning about this field, and it would be great to listen to some good podcasts on the subject.

Ideally I want to listen to some UX experts getting deep into their subject, even if it's difficult to understand at first, because at least I can get a feel for the kind of issues that come up in UX design.

Any suggestions?

(My own first vote is the 37 Signals podcast, as they seem to cover UX issues a lot. :)

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    Post the 37signals podcast as an answer so we can see if other people like it too! – Rahul Dec 8 '10 at 0:53

I recommend the User Experience Podcast by Gerry Gaffney.


I highly recommend Jared Spool's Brainsparks podcast: http://www.uie.com/brainsparks/topics/podcasts/

  • For me lately there were too many follow-up session after a virtual seminar, actual interviews felt rare. Also when there is an event up, they advertise it heavily, which sometimes can be annoying. – Roland Studer Apr 20 '12 at 11:45

Take a listen to Boxes and Arrows too: http://www.boxesandarrows.com/story/index/date/1444


JohnnyHolland.org has a lot of great podcasts from a variety of UX practitioners, speakers at conferences, etc. Talks range from education and design to design practices and methods. A lot of nice perspectives.

JohnnyRadio: http://johnnyholland.org/category/radio-johnny/


I've been listening to The Big Web show, on the 5by5 network. This show is specific to web design, but they have a wide range of guests, and it's always interesting. To give it a try, listen to their interview with Dana Chisnell.

Dana Chisnell joins Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin to talk about UX, testing, leveraging your expertise, New York City voting booth user experience design, and more.



I have an Android phone and I use the Google Reader app. In that one I just search for "interaction design" and I get plenty of podcasts!


While not a podcast, Adaptive Path shares a lot of videos from their conferences like UX Week, with great speakers like Jesse James Garret, Peter Merholz, Brandon Schauer...


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