(I know this sounds like a repeat question, but I am asking this specifically for a classroom context and I have some specific needs (other than "free") that I feel sets this question apart. Please do not close it without reading.)

I am teaching a very introductory course in interface design and user experience.

My students have used PowerPoint to create low-fidelity website wireframes and clickable prototypes. They are comfortable with this process, as they use PowerPoint quite a bit.

I am seeking a collection of stencils/images that can be easily placed in PowerPoint to allow them to create wireframes for BOTH iOS and Android applications. The wireframes will be the basis for clickable prototypes.

I understand that Google has produced images that can be used in high-fidelity mockups. However, we are working mostly with low-fi images (think: Balsamiq's sketchiness.) Even in low-fi mockups I think it is extremely important to start to note the differences between the platforms' layouts and UI elements.

We don't have access to $ for software (which is why we have been using PowerPoint.) If there are other tools that have free access for educational use, I need them to cover BOTH iOS and Android (myBalsamiq, while great in many respects, does not have Android UI elements.) The software must also allow students to export their prototypes (so they can be submitted for grading.) I haven't found a satisfactory tool that does this.

Does anyone have any ideas short of me just drawing the elements in PowerPoint myself?

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For starters, Balasamiq does have a very thriving community who do voluntarily design stencils/mockups of various interface elements and there are android elements available at The Mockups to go site (Android Controls)

The IOS elements for Balsamiq can also be found here

Do check out Axure's good student program. I am not sure if your students qualify for the program but its worth having a look. To provide a quick summary :


  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student or full or part-time graduate student
  • Must be studying HCI, user experience, information architecture, interaction design, or other related field with a GPA
    of 3.0 or higher in the last semester (or equivalent in your grading
  • Must have grades clearly stated on transcript Graduate students without a transcript will be considered with proof of registration in a related course
  • Must provide school email address

I also recommend looking at the Pencil Project. I do know they have some predefined stencils for iOS and Android

Tiggzi also looks interesting. I believe they do offer free standard plans or educational discounts but you would have to touchbase with them for that.

Also check out Justinmind free edition (They have out of box android/Ios widgets which are available in the free edition but the prototyping functionality is not available)

There are also powerpoint stencils available for both iOS and Android but you have to pay for them, so I am not sure how agreeable an option that is.


fluidui is also very useful tool as mobile prototyping. http://www.fluidui.com/

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