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Opening website external links in new window — published usability tests

Should you open a new tab when linking to an external website.

Historically I know this was a big no no. Nielsen and others presented research that shows opening a new window is bad practice. You should leave the user in control. But has user behavior/expectation changed with the advent of tabs? (I hypothesise most users now have browsers set up so that target="_blank" opens in a new tab)

I think we should be opening in the same tab:

Gives the user the choice Doesnt break the back button Works better
with assistive technologies such as screen readers.

but the following article gives a different opinion: http://uxmovement.com/navigation/why-external-links-should-open-in-new-tabs/

Any experience or research to back up either side of the argument would be greatly appreciated.

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Should you open a new tab when linking to an external website?


Don't take away control, and in the case of the back button functionality, from the user. Currently the user has a choice to open in the same or a different tab. Leave them free to exercise that choice. Whilst support for perceived optimal strategies is useful, they should not be insisted upon.

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