I have to design an expandable panel for ICS with a "Pull Down" handle like this one. Do you know if this design is the default one for expandable panels on ICS? Or is it specific to the notification panel?

ICS's notification screen


The circular 'pull-back-up' affordance is specific to the notification shade; I wouldn't necessarily use that elsewhere.

But wait! We generally discourage docked/expanding panels (the SlidingDrawer widget for developers reading this) as they can be clunky to work with on smaller screens—they tend to overly complicate the interaction surface.

Consider instead showing the expanded content in a separate screen (and don't forget to use the Up button). If you'd really like to maintain as much visual context as possible by not covering the full screen with expanded content, consider using a dialog or swipe views.

Having said all that, if you absolutely must show an expando panel, it's fine to use mostly-universally-understood iconography that affords draggability (example here).

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  • I find that SlidingDrawer can be a fun component to use. In the app I'm currently building I use SlidingDrawer in the phone/portrait layouts to display a Fragment that in landscape would appear next to another layout. Works nicely. – Matthias Jun 5 '12 at 22:01

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