What are some wpf specific design resources for best practise in themeing controls?

Could you design legends point me to some sweet resources for themeing of WPF controls? I'm familiar with some of the MSDN stuff, hoping for maybe more blogs,walkthroughs etc by 3rd parties with experience in this area. I've been googling but keen to get an idea of what are considered the definative WPF specific resources at this stage.

thx heaps.

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I think that there should not be a WPF specific design. WPF is a technique that is only a mean to give life to your design. That's also the reason why you didn't find WPF specific design resources.

If you need technical advice, ask your question at stackoverflow.com or take a look at this CodeProject article.

  • Some design patterns are going to be useless for WPF work in blend, others will rock, also I wasn't asking for technical advice on using Blend or creating WPF controls, obviously SO is the correct spot for that. My question was about themeing which is specific to user interface design. but whatever, I'll move the question if everyone gets annoyed by it. – Anonymous Type Oct 25 '10 at 3:10

Microsoft Expression Blend will spit out the Control Template in its XAML view for many controls. (Add the control, right click, and select Edit Template As A Copy.)

I have also learned a lot by examining the code for the Silverlight Toolkit's themes.

  • again, I'm not asking for advice on "howto use Blend to create controls" although your advice is well meaning and the content is good. thanks Nick, I appreciate it nonetheless. – Anonymous Type Oct 25 '10 at 3:12

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