I've been coding for almost 18 years, and having migrated to Macs for the last year or so, it was inevitable to start thinking about writing a code editor from scratch - probably, just to try this thing out, or to make something that perfectly suits my needs.

And I was wondering :

What are the absolute MUST-HAVEs of a good code editor? (by order of priority, if possible) If we're talking about a not-so-conventional feature, could you give me an example of actual implementation of that particular feature? ("xxxxx" like in Notepad++ on Windows). Looking forward to see your answers...

*Well, there is sometimes a thin line between what could be considered as an "Editor" and an "IDE", but let's just not exclude more... IDE-oriented ones...

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  • A way to select text and have it send to a terminal! – user189035 Jun 3 '16 at 8:34

In my honest opinion, the really great code editors have your basic features plus they are designed almost exclusively for a single language. The more specific (and less generic) the editor is designed the better it will implement all of the tiny little details of Python or Java or C++...

  • FAST (read ... faster than Netbeans or Eclipse, even if that means compromising features)
  • Show line numbers all the time
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Allow Tab Indent or spaces, allow representing tabs as any number of spaces.
  • Document outline (what functions/classes are in this file?)
  • Support multiple languages at once (php, html, javascript) in the same file.
  • Mark lines / highlight lines (allow jumping to code segments / marked functions / classes)
  • Auto-save periodically
  • Save open-files / reopen to last open files
  • Save historical versions of the edited file (optionally)
  • Show hidden/special characters (A button that shows symbols over tabs, newlines, etc)
  • Switch between *Nix, Mac, Windows file-formats.
  • Indent multiple highlighted lines
  • Writing the code highlighter as a stand-alone library that can be maintained independent of your application and is specific to that language.
  • Writing the code highlighter so it's stupid fast (sparingly use regex)
  • Automatic Indentation (when I hit the enter key and I'm indented four spaces you should optionally start the next line at the same indentation)
  • Highlighting Keywords properly (like True, False, None in Python)
  • Autocomplete (classes, functions, built-ins, etc) .. (but keep it fast ... driven by a Ternary Search Tree not some verbose XML data structure)
  • Not attempting to perform syntax error checking on every key stroke (man that is annoying, and often really slow!)
  • Scope Awareness (rarely seen, but the ability to prioritize name suggestions based on the current line's scope)
  • Built-in Support for remote file systems (ftp, sftp)
  • Well, with 17 of your must-have features already implemented and a couple of others in my to-do list (the last 2 are the only ones actually NOT to be implemented), I hope I'm in the right track... :-) Btw, I do agree with your language-oriented approach of an editor, though I'm mostly aiming at something "all-in-one" (and customiseable via plugins for language-specific stuff)... – Dr.Kameleon Mar 24 '12 at 12:00
  • You are on the right track, I commend your efforts. I actually believe that we need better code-editors myself... I asked this questions awhile ago - programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/56511/… ... THE IDEA being that only 1 person needs to write the API for highlighting/parsing a single language - SHOULDN'T we be able to agree on the functionality around a single languages introspection !?!?!?! – Ben DeMott Mar 24 '12 at 12:05

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