I'm playing with a user interface, with options like "preview", "view code", "drag and drop" and the such, and am creating icons for them.

What would have the meaning of "code"? I was thinking something like "<..>" or "<...>" or "<code>" in a Courier New font, but I would like to see if someone has anything better or suggestions.

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The rule of selecting a good icon is simple: if there's no obvious or standard image associated with the action, just label the control with the word.

In your case, <code> in a monospace font might be the best solution unless this style stands out from the surrounding controls.

Finally, you should've read the FAQ: asking icon suggestions isn't the best use of everyone's time.

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    Sorry, I should have read the FAQ before asking, but thanks for taking the time to answer despite my not following the guidelines! – Robert Chandelerison Jan 7 '12 at 5:29

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