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Where can I find style guide for metro UI for web applications?

Not a technical question about how to build an app (I'm just going to use DevExpress Tiles, mostly because I'm using a bunch of the other components in DevExpress and this seems to be another nice modern component to use)... but more a question of how a Metro app should look and feel?

There's tons of "traditional" apps out there that have solved lots of problems for how various apps should look and work but being a technical person with no creative talent at all, i'm having real trouble visualising how I want my app to look and how one might interact with it in a Tiles world.

Crudely speaking, once the app is started you can configure it or connect to a server.

Once connected to a server you can disconnect, configuration of both the client and server, along with numerous functions that bring up a different UI - the different UI's are a totally different style of UI more akin to a CAD plan so i'm not fussed about that, it's really a question of trying to understand...:

a) is tiles even worth looking at? or using a component for the sake of it? OR would it give a nice modern fresh look to the very start of the app? b) do you go from one tile control to another, OR would you add and remove tiles programmatically - i.e. in the example i've given, i'd start with two tiles and when you have connected, I could then add all the interface tiles in a new group and perhaps change the connect tile to a disconnect one etc?

Any thoughts much appreciated.


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Its still in work and not complete yet, but you can get some information here:


Perhaps you can get more resource once we have final release of Windows 8.