In a Reddit client for iOS I'm writing, the user must be able to sort links by popularity, creation date, score and controversial.

The user must tap a button to get to a sheet allowing him/her to select how to sort. What would be a good icon for this button? I thought of a funnel, or an a..z icon, but I'm not sure if that's clear enough for this way of sorting.

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Something like this one below as used by SmartGo which sorts problems by various criteria would work very nicely.

enter image description here

Please also note this question on Meta regarding questions about icons. I don't think this icon is too localised, but the context and title of the question asking for it suggests that it might be.

In actual fact this icon below could be used as a generic sorting icon in many situations - which is why it's a good option - as opposed to trying to make the icon very specific to your app, to reddit, or to the criteria that you are intending to sort by. There's no need to make this icon particularly localised.

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