I'm working on an app that let's users show how excited they are for given proposed activities. It is quite a challenge because a lot is going on in a confined space.

  • The view should work reasonably well for up to 6 people.
  • Your own excitment should be editable (this can also be done by an overlay).
  • The excitement doesn't need to be exact. You don't type in a number, you just roughly move a slider so to say.
  • It should rather be playful than end up looking like a grid.
  • Avatars can additionally express that someone "discarded" an activity (removed it from their list) or they left a comment

Overall I like the idea of having some sort of scale rather than just having something like "thumbs up" or "two thumbs up" icons, because it makes it more comparable. Also I would like users to express that they're really hyped for something.

Here are my mockups so far:

enter image description here


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