Following is the workflow for a UI consisting of a data table and Accordion.

  1. Search for an entity using cascading filters or search bar.
  2. Based on the search results, the accordion 1 and 2 and the data table is loaded for that specific entity.
  3. If user wants to see the previously saved data in data table, they need to click on accordion 1, then select the new cascading dropdown1 ( which houses the version of the data table ) and dropdown 2 ( which houses multiple entities if they are saved in the same data table). After selecting the values in new cascading dropdowns 1 and 2, a new view only data table is loaded.
  4. If there exist multiple saved data tables for a single entity, user can use the CTA on the right that opens up a modal shows a consolidated view of multiple data tables related to that specific entity.

The stakeholders have said that it takes two many clicks to view the consolidated view of multiple data tables related to that specific entity.

And need your input to optimize the workflow. workflow image

  • Is the current design based on user research? Is there a problem with how it's designed and how people actually want and are going to use it? In other words, are the stakeholders right or wrong in your opinion?
    – jazZRo
    Commented Jun 28 at 7:43
  • @jazZRo No, there is no user data available, its stakeholder's opinion and I have to optimize the workflow Commented Jun 28 at 12:59


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