I am a software developer and basically only use the browser and a text editor and pretty much no other apps (well, the terminal, google calendar, email, slack, etc., but pretty much focus on the text editor).

I don't really use complex editors like Figma, Photoshop, Sketch (graphics), Audacity, Protools (audio), After Effects, Final Cut Pro (video/animation), Maya, Blender (3D), etc.. So I don't know what is a good workflow for using the keyboard to navigate and sculpt or change variable values, and am looking for conventions or best-practices when it comes to keyboard shortcuts, in a particular regard.

For my particular situation, I am thinking of making tools which edit 2 to 20 properties let's say, which can be simple x/y values, colors, widths/heights, select boxes with many options, toggle switches, etc.. Basically:

  • Integer inputs
  • Float inputs
  • Range inputs
  • Switch/checkbox/toggle inputs
  • Select inputs
  • Autocomplete inputs
  • Simple text inputs
  • Text editor (like a code editor) inputs

Trying to keep it somewhat simple and just have these basic data types.

You are editing these values to preview something (like build a CSS box-shadow) or make a final thing happen (like create a file export).

What are some resources I can look into, or ways I can approach building the keyboard into the workflow for such an editing experience?

I am imagining Photoshop (with my limited usage of it in the past). I don't know if this is how it works, but go with me for a moment:

  • You press CMD+SHIFT+P to enter "command mode"
  • You press "x" to start editing the "x" position variable.
  • You then press a number, or can hold CMD and drag the mouse up or down to change its value.

Or this:

  • You press A then S to enter command mode
  • You press w then h to bind width / height to the editing mode
  • You type a number again and it press enter to set the width and height.

Main questions:

  1. Are there any examples of such things out in the wild I should look carefully at?
  2. What are the conventions for the different modes you can enter into to change what pressing a key means (command mode, edit mode, etc.)?
  3. How can you quickly get good at jumping around properties with the keyboard and changing their values?

For my particular case, I don't expect to create a product as powerful as Figma or Maya, which needs highly configurable keyboard shortcuts. Instead, I would like to have a simple set of keyboards for editing form values on different simple editors, nothing which is customizable.


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