The case is for a logistics company. We are trying to show our users their current emissions and how much emissions they can save/avoid/reduce by choosing more sustainable routing options. On our dashboard we would like to show users a KPI for this, so they can more easily keep track and communicate with their stakeholders. For instance "Boss, we can reduce 40% of our emissions if we choose more sustainable routes on 25% of our routes. 75% of our routes are already fine"

NB: we have other graphs to identify the actual hotspots. As it could be that only 2 routes are responsible for that 40% of avoidable emissions.

The challenge

  • Make the relation understood between projected emissions and avoidable emissions on the one hand and the percentage of routes that have more sustainable alternatives on the other.
  • Should fit on a relatively small component.

What I tried so far

Image of 5 different ways of solving the problem through graphs

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Your question almost reads as a design request or review but that is not what this site is for. The only advise I can give is to focus on the story, less on the details. From the examples you posted I see that there is a lot of attention to the aesthetics. But only aesthetics without a story don't have much purpose. To give an idea, I believe this tells the story although it doesn't look that good.

enter image description here

I chose for vertical bars because it better projects amounts or volumes. Horizontal bars are better to project time or distance.

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    Thanks for your advice, and your suggestion! I like the consistency in labelling "potential" for both. Commented May 2 at 8:21

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