enter image description hereWe are working on a dashboard for a bank and it is turning out to be quite loaded with information. In one of the blocks we provide information about the client base (how many clients you currently have, which ones have opened accounts, which ones haven’t yet, etc.)

And under this information we want to give small messages about what is happening with the client base: with whom we have not communicated for a long time, whose deposit has been closed, who is withdrawing money, etc.

The problem is that there can be a lot of such messages, and we cannot combine them together in groups for technical reasons.

Maybe you've come across best practices on how to implement this?


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I have some questions here about the context and overall flow which should help me give you a better answer.

  • Will these notifications live elsewhere? i.e. Can the user click to a page where they'll see all notifications or will they only be able to see the 5 you have illustrated?
  • Where do the link/page arrows take users? Do they go to that clients account page?
  • How many types of notifications will you have if you classified them by User actions/needs? e.g. "The deposit will close soon" sounds like an FYI Notification just keeping it on your users radar for awareness, whereas "No communication in over 30 days" sound like an Action Required notification where your user should act on the notification

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