I have the following vendors details page.

enter image description here

I want to add a Request Invoice button. One option is to have a column on buttons: Request Invoice button, then Contact button through WhatsApp.

The Request Invoice button is more important that Contact, and I am worried the UI is confusing because both represent an interaction with the vendor but through different mediums: One through our platform by filling a form, the other takes you to WhatsApp.

What are ways to model this? I am open to removing the Contact button.

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As per my understanding button Request Invoice would direct the user to fill a form on your platform while Contact button would take you to the WhatsApp.

I would change the current Contact button to Request Invoice because it will keep the user in the platform and add an alternative link (not button) in case user wants to contact you via WhatsApp. I've added an example below.

enter image description here


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