Currently our keyword filter options are ordered by the number of results for each particular keyword. It's a pretty long list and users may not know what options are there but have an idea of what they're looking for. We're going to be hopefully implementing a search, but I'm wondering about the best practice in the event we can't build that. Is it better to order the keywords by number of results or alphabetical (and keep the number of results)? Here is a screenshot of the current keyword filters (the options are more numerous than can be seen currently and require the user to scroll): enter image description here

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I've fixed this issue in a couple of projects by transforming long list of checkboxes into interactable badges - it saves space because it usually fits 2-3 badges per row, maybe it'll fit your needs as well.

enter image description here



Using the badges might not be best in OP's situation:

  • there are 19 keywords shown (there are more keywords than this as op states)
  • the length of the keywords text is long in some cases so having more than 1 in a row may not happen, not really saving space here

But answering op's question I would list alphabetically as user is most likely looking for specific keywords over the usage numbers.

If in doubt test it out (try the badges, they might work out) and get some internal feedback

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