I have a screen that lists all the automations setup on our application. To setup an automation requires three pieces of information. This is done using a multi-step/ multi-page form.

I would like to show the overall status of the setup in the list view - is section 1 complete, section 2 complete etc... I also want the user to quickly navigate to the section that is not complete.

I was thinking of showing sections 2 and 3 as buttons on the list that displays key information from section 1 and use button colors to indicate if data is complete or not.

Are there better approaches to the same?

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If I understand correctly, you can show a clickable progress bar atop the multi-step form to indicate complete and incomplete sections. The user can click on any section, out-of-order, to view/complete it. Something like the screenshot below (source).

If you think it won't be clear to the user then you can add a secondary instruction text stating (please rephrase):

"Click on the incomplete sections to quickly navigate and complete them"

Additionally, you can also replace the icons in the progress indicator below with check marks and question marks to indicate complete and pending section respectively.

enter image description here

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