I'm building a detailed accessibility spec for an iOS input field component for a design system. I want to outline in the spec how voiceover should work.

The design system needs an input field that looks more like a traditional web or Material input, with a box around the input itself, which iOS doesn't seem to offer natively.

I know I want the voiceover to say, but I'm uncertain how to relate those to the correct accessibility attributes, like "accessibilityLabel".


  • [Read label] (accessibilityLabel)
  • [Read entered value if any, or placeholder text, if any] (accessibilityValue, but what about placeholder?)
  • [Read hint text, or error text, if present] (?)
  • "Text field" (accessibilityRole)
  • "Double-tap to edit" (accessibilityHint)


  • [Read entered value, if any] (accessibilityValue)
  • "Character mode insertion point at [start/end]" (accessibilityHint?)
  • "Use rotor to access misspelled words" (accessibilityHint?)

How does placeholder text translate? Am I mapping these correctly? How specific do I need to be? Is this overkill? Am I missing something?


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