I'm working on a popup screen. We've got a budget calculator within. After calculating, the results will be generated. I opted to present the findings in a tag model, which consists of a number, a label, and an information icon. Icon to indicate what it represents. Is it okay to insert the symbol within the Tags? Please look at the picture attached below.enter image description here

  • I don't think those capsules are the best elements for displaying this information. I thought they were buttons when I first opened this. You're better off just sticking to a list. They're easily readable and good for semantics. Commented Feb 15 at 13:20

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Without having the whole context, it seems a little weird to me to put something as important as a result in a tag, usually more dedicated for filters, status...

But again, i don't know the context. Other than that, I think it's okay to put an information symbol.

Other options would be cards (one for each price) instead of tags and "See more" option instead of info.


To specifically answer your question - yes, it's OK to include icons within tags / chips / lozenges. In fact the Google Material Design UI includes that very thing. They have ticks, calendar icons, close icons and others included in their tags ('chips' as Google call them).


enter image description here

You can see similar ones in use, including with actual interactive elements within the chips if you do a Google Search (The 'More' chip contains an Actions icon that is interactive and triggers a dropdown when selected):

enter image description here

Now, just because it's OK to include icons in your chips, that doesn't necessarily mean the use of chips in this particular situation is correct though.

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