I'm working on a stepper with 3 steps, where the first one is adding your address. Once the user move forward to the next step, can I give them the chance to edit that address but without make them go back to the first step? Like for example opening a sidebar and let them edit the address there?

Is it a bad practice if I make the user go back to step 1 when is already at the second or at the third one?

we don't have a Previous button on our design, so I believe it's not okay to make them go back, it's unexpectable. But I'd like to hear your opinions

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This problem falls under Nielsen's usability heuristic #3. It states:

Users often make mistakes or change their minds. Allow them to exit a flow or undo their last action and go back to the system’s previous state.


I would highly suggest allowing user to be able to go back to previous step as it would provide user with a control of the flow.

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