I'm looking for a visual symbol or device to denote "selection" or "extracts", suitable for depicting as a stamp or badge or similar on a document's front page to show or emphasise that what follows isn't the whole of the document itself but rather a selection of extracts from it.

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For text, you can follow normal quotation patterns, eg

[...] ipsum dolor sit amet. Nunc est [...]

For images, a jagged edge, perhaps with a dashed border for what obviously wants to be a straight edge works well.

For full pages, you can put a "preview" watermark in a corner, and/or have a clear text label with the page and document number somewhere. So for example "page 14/234".

  • excellent answer. on a related note, I have seen the "jagged edge" icon in some academic papers websites, so it also applies to text (perhaps because the texts may include quotes as well)
    – Devin
    Jan 30 at 15:58

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