I need to show a ton of data and make it look good.

Heres my current list view:


Heres what i think is "nicer":

enter image description here

And heres another idea with table switches:

enter image description here

Some guidance is appreciated. Im learning the front end from a more backend background ;)

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  • I would avoid using the same typographic variable for statement and content. The statements are repeated, so a round font is not necessary nor is it extremely legible; on the contrary, a bold/condensed one recovers space and offers better visibility to the response in a light/round font.
    (Saira Extra Condensed in the example)
  • When using capital letters for statements, one or two pixels below the size of the answers offer the same visual perception and provide space.
  • If necessary, differentiate both elements by color.
  • A table-type layout allows the user to find elements easily.

enter image description here

  • Great answer, and thank you for the help. This is a beautiful solution. I might stray from that much of a condensed font because at first glance its slightly harder to read, from a user stand point. Everything else you mention helps my situation in very strategic and subtle ways but makes a big impact. Can you recommend another font or help the readability of the questions slightly? Maybe I can try slightly less bolding? Will test this out tomorrow :)
    – RobbB
    Jan 29 at 7:58
  • Just type "condensed" in the Google Fonts search bar.
    – Danielillo
    Jan 29 at 9:13

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