Please note that I have seen these questions:

Boolean table cell values - best way to show Yes/No
What is the best way to display nullable bool value as UI component?

My situation is different. I want to show these things all together:

  • Flat inheritance and overriding (not hierarchical, not a tree)
  • For parent levels, I only want to show nullable boolean values
  • For the current level, I want to show the current nullable boolean value AND I want to provide actions to change it
  • I want to show the overall state (the overriding tree's result)
  • And I want to show these states + actions in a compact way inside a list

This is my current design, which is very poor.

enter image description here

Now let me explain the requirements. We have a SPL (software production line). We want to allow configuration to be granular (both gross and fine). We want our customers to be able to:

  • Configure commenting to be disabled for the entire system
  • And be able to enable commenting for the blog module (a subsystem, module-level)
  • And be able to disable it for authors (a subsystem of the blog, entity-type level)
  • And be able to disable it for a special category of blog posts (a subsystem of taxonomy, entity level, cross-module functionality)
  • And be able to enable it again for a specific blog post (entity level)

So, when a customer goes to configure the post titled Is it a good idea to buy bitcoin, we want to show him that:

  • Commenting is disabled in the entire system
  • For module blog, it's not configured (null)
  • For all blog posts, it's enabled
  • For this specific post, it's not configured yet

What is the best way to satisfy those requirements?


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