I have small window for applying different filters, each filter type has its section and its buttons. For me repeating the same buttons in a small sapce is confusing and unnecessary, what is the best UX design for this filter screen ?

enter image description here

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Don't repeat the buttons.

I see a little bit of content behind your filter panel, which means it's a popover vs. a fixed panel off to the side. So you'll want to allow your users to clear each filter section (like resetting all the checkboxes, or clearing out a text input) and to cancel out of the whole filtering experience (with a Cancel or X button), but there should only be one Apply button on a panel like this. Apply should close the panel and allow the user to see the filtered content.


As per my understanding what probably confuses your users are checkboxes. I've fixed this issue in a couple of projects by converting long list of checkboxes into interactable badges. It saves space by making a list way shorter, it usually fits 2-3 badges per row depending on the label width.

enter image description here


Other insights:

  • The gap between reset and apply buttons should be consistent

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