Example: If the badge in the app's tab bar is red in color, when a user goes to that screen, should the corresponding label be the same color? Or does it not matter? Example

  • Who are your primary users? Are they younger 'Gen Z' users, or millennials using the app for work? What is your business model? Is this a social network app, or something like a gas station's companion app, or something else? Commented Dec 15, 2023 at 11:36

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It doesn't matter

Think about this: you may have different types of badges (maybe you don't, but most systems do). However, notifications are unique. You won't have a notification color for each type of badge. Furthermore, most systems won't even have a special badge for a new item; they will simply display the new item and that's it.

A perfect example is the site you're posting your question on (especially noticeable when there are moderation actions required or when there's an answer to a user question, as you'll see after I post this answer).

All the above being said, if your only notification is for new items and you plan to use a badge, maybe it's a good idea to connect them using the same color. But again: it's not required at all (and you'll probably need to test this extensively).

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