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Never tested or researched this, tbh.

After clicking submit, the submit button's label is replaced by a "processing" animation indicator. Functionally - the form is disabled, so user can't mess up.

Is there a value in giving the user a visual cue that form is disabled, changing the state of inputs and form controls into disabled state?

Hm, not really sure. Maybe first time, as a reassurance they can't mess up incidentally. But does user need that kind of reassurance? Would they say, ok this is now disabled so I am at ease clicking around and messing about? I am not assuming so. Also, I assume after first time, on every subsequent time using the form dialog, visually changing the dialog after click becomes...eye-straining. It is useless clue, a known information, but your eye still registers the change on controls and dialog, and therefore it robs you of a little bit of attention, even though you might not think of it.

These are my assumptions - let me know your thought and experience, thanks.

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See Should I disable form input while processing the form?.

I would hide the entire form, and redirect the user to the next screen.


Move to the next step, doesn't make much sense to keep the user on a state where they cannot do anything. Add this member as a processing state in the table you have until it will get added as a full member. Allow users to do other tasks, maybe add more members.

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