Depending on the framework, the name of these ones (buttons, input fields and also non-interactive ones like admonition blocks) is different. I am thinking which term I need to use being the developer of the UI kit ("UI/UX kit"? "GUI kit"?) like Bootstrap or Element UI.

From my view point of the logic, the "GUI components" and "GUI kit" are most correct terms, but I cold be wrong.

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The term GUI (Graphical User Interface) is an obsolete name from the times of the Command Line

UX/UI Kit is just too ambiguous as it mixes two different fields of design. Also kit (or toolkit) implies a complete package (with docs and code)

I suggest referring to it as a 'UI Components Library' instead:

  • Its subject is clear (i.e. UI components)
  • Library implies it has reusable elements one can tap into

UI does not include only graphical elements but also non-graphical elements like CLI or voice-based interfaces, interactions etc.. while GUI to a type of UI that allows users to interact through graphical elements such as icons, buttons, and windows.

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