This is a wireframe and in development but we've recently been posed the question, "Should Edit Address be a text link (shown below) or a secondary button under the Primary "Confirm address" button.

Primary CTA and text link

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Here's how I approach questions like this (a quick thought experiment):

Imagine digital screens don't exist, and you have to design a paper form instead.

In this case, page hierarchy would probably look like this:

  • Title: Your billing address
  • Sub-title: Is this your address? "18 Atlas House..."
  • Yes / No

Now, since you already got their address (hence displaying it in a drop-down), you can assume that "Yes" is the most likely answer, however, "No" is a semantically equal option => has to be a secondary button.

A secondary button should be visually similar to primary, but more subtle. So I would make it of the same shape at least.

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