I just came to a very known website that I found pretty weird and confusing because of its onload behavior. You can see it at https://wetransfer.com and what I mean is the image below:

enter image description here

Just in case it's not noticeable, what I mean is that the page has a scrim which provides a quite low legibility, and behind that scrim you can see the form WeTransfer had for years. So basically, it's like a "veil" behind which you can see the content with which you will want to interact, but first you need to perform an action (accept, manage cookies or a quite cryptic "No, thanks" which, despite what the copy says, if you click it takes you to a page where you have to accept Terms of Service). In a way, it's a modal without the modal background.

Anyway, I'm not interested in the interaction possibilities or accessibility, but this sort of "veil", and would like to know if it has a name so I can look for more examples.

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    If it has no name, I propose "soft modal"... Nov 7 at 4:28
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    I'm curious to see what other examples will emerge. For now, it seems like an "invention" of a WeTransfer designer. Or even worse, a requirement from management or marketing to still have the form visible. I would call this a "sneak peek overlay" or something like that, because it seems like it is designed to trick people into accepting the cookies so they can immediately access that form. A dark pattern perhaps?
    – jazZRo
    Nov 8 at 14:14


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