so here is interesting question

I have a data table, where person adds data at the end of the table, current design is following, input table is same width as data column

enter image description here

Unfortunately it is not solution, since sometimes there are way more columns and long input labels ( you can see one of the labels of input )

so I designed a solution but still I dont like it much since it takes up too much of vertical space, once again way too much in case of many data in a table.

enter image description here

does anyone has better ux solution for this, please note that we have to make data adding on same page, opening it in new page is not an option, I also though about opening accordion on add table data, but client wants it to be visible all the time.

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I think there is a lot of space, it's just a matter of knowing how to manage it.

For example, I don't see it necessary for the title and content to go in line:

enter image description here

From there you can modify the size as desired, for example rate, payment and area may need less width.

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