I have a filter drop-down, and one of its sections is for sorting. So selection happens when the user clicks an option row, but in sorting the same option n can have multiple values, For example (see attached image), A user can sort by Value, but sorting can happen in both Ascending and Descending. One solution is to have 2 options for the same value, the other is to have a switch, like I have in the attached image, but since selection is happening with a click on a row the second option is not viable. The first option too is not viable because it will make the drop-down bigger.

How else can this be handled?

enter image description here

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I would think 4 radio buttons in the drop down --

enter image description here


enter image description here

There really only 4 options for the user and they should be able to select an option with a single click.

..... but ... I'm not a UI expert by any means.


Google Drive provides a helpful design pattern. The sort parameter and the direction of sorting (ascending/ descending) appear in two adjacent dropdowns.

So, if my default sort is "filename + asc", then, with one click, I can switch to "last edited + asc", or "filename + desc".

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