We're integrating our app with another app via an iFrame.

In the "parent" app, the user would already be logged-in before they can download our app. So ie, we would already have their information.

Once they choose to download our app, their organization will still need to be onboarded before they can use it.

So the user clicks on the "Contact us" button, this will immediately send their information to our Sales team, and takes them to a "We'll reach out to your shortly..." page.

What would be the appropriate copy here? "Contact us" just feels unconventional because that typically leads to a contact form or email, but as mentioned, we would already have the user's info via the "parent" app, so we don't want them to have to type those again.

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Once they choose to download our app, their organization will still need to be onboarded before they can use it.

It seems that Activate could be an option, with three states showing the performing action:

  • Activate
  • Processing
  • Activated

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  • That's great! My only hesitation is that "Activate" might imply that it will immediately get activated upon clicking the button? They can't get activated right away since the Sales team will have the be alerted first.
    – J Bo
    Aug 18 at 19:53

I think this is more of a question about the copy. My question would be, why not just tell them what you're trying to do/the system is doing in the background?

Make a subheader saying something like

"We already have your information because you're logged in. Click the button below to request for onboarding."

Request for Onboarding

We'll send an e-mail to you@site

After the user clicks that button, you should reply with a prompt saying that the request has been received and the user will be notified in a few days or whatever time it takes for you to reply back.


It isn't really "contact us" is it, especially when the user is already in contact with you by using this form.
It's more of an "allow us to contact you".
And it hardly needs a separate "We'll reach out to your shortly..." page.

But what's really missing in this question is why they need to press that button at all.

Couldn't it simply say something like:

Your organization is not in our system yet.
Our sales team will soon e-mail you (you@site) to request the appropriate details.

But really, why does the sales team need to be involved at all?
Can't the form simply ask for the appropriate information now?

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