I can't seem to find anything, I'm trying to come up with a justification for how many decimal places to display on this Ignition SCADA system I'm building for a client. The answer might simply be that there is no industry standard, I'm just not sure.

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    I think it will depend on your interface and the degree of granularity your system needs, so I believe your guessing about the lack of a standard might be true
    – Devin
    Commented Jun 1, 2023 at 15:43

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This depends, keep enough decimal places that the user can discern the difference between a bunch of items easily.

But if you need a standard to go by, this paper suggests that you use 2 decimal places

Personally, I've noticed that 2 is very common. I know it's a rule in currencies and of course finance/accounting fields that work with currencies. But the article above really helps solidify this idea. I've only schemed through what I needed for this answer, but I'm sure the author goes into more detail. Hopefully enough to convince you to stick to 2 for now.

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