In my system, I initially had a single table of users with a simple search field that would filter the table on whatever input was given.

Now I extended this table with a group selection on the left of the table. User can create these groups, and add the user under the correct group.

enter image description here

The problem I now have though is that the search filter doesn't really make sense. Say for example i search on "Mary" It currently will do this:

enter image description here

This is how it worked before, and how it worked on other tables in the system as well. But then I realized, with the addition of the group selection on the left: What if there other Mary's in the other groups?

Likewise, say i search on a "Michael", a user that's in a different group than the one is currently selected:

enter image description here

This gives the impression that there's no user named Michael in the system, but what if there was a Michael under the R&D group?

So a two solutions I thought of:

1) Add a super of the amount of results in a group enter image description here

2) Don't show results automatically, but show a dropdown with results that the user must select

enter image description here

  • Can a single user be in different groups?
    – Danielillo
    Commented Apr 25, 2023 at 9:06
  • By name yes, but not by mail (must be unique)
    – DennisW
    Commented Apr 25, 2023 at 9:19
  • One thing to consider is that I think you need to tell the user what group their search results belong to. If there is a Mary in HR and a different Mary in R&D, how would the user know which Mary belongs to what? I would have a way to explicitly show the user which Mary belongs to what category.
    – Gene
    Commented Apr 27, 2023 at 20:56

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I think there is a misconception.

The search field you're referring to is about a user, not a user within a group, so the user search result should be independent of the group search.

If I search for "Mary" all "Marys" should come up, with no groups selected with some sort of indicator as to which groups contain those "marys". The fact of looking for a "Mary" within a group ceases to be a simple filter to be a criteria filter.

In a filter with variables you can select a group first and search for a user in this group exclusively:

enter image description here

If there is no group selected, the search result is complete, showing which groups have been activated in the search and which have been added to the search criteria, allowing you to remove the one not required:

enter image description here

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