Does it make sense to have a bunch of modals replace tooltips? Let's say instead of tooltip, you had white modals appear with text and buttons that look like the MUI card element, and you could also have multi-step modals appear like that for any element when you click or hover, does that make sense, or is it gimmicky and unprofessional? Do you have official sources to back up your opinions?

For some reason, I think it's too complicated and make the UI too stuffy, but I wouldn't be able to back up my opinions with sources from UX experts.

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    Do you have a specific ux problem or context you're trying to solve for? This forum works best when you have a real world problem with some examples of what your users are trying to do. The most common phrase in ux is 'It depends'. If you can specify your issue, the community will better be able to help.
    – Mike M
    Mar 15 at 1:32


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