What is your approach to recruiting users new to the website for user testing?

We have pretty decent traffic on our website. The website is simple, there are several landing pages and an embedded online wizard(multi-step form) to get a quote. The goal is to improve conversions.

If I recruit users using a small pop-up in the right bottom of the corner, then that still makes it possible to browse the website, which means the user will be already familiar with the site. However, I want to recruit users who haven’t seen the website yet from incoming traffic.

My approach here is to show a recruiting pop-up in the center of a screen with a transparent black background which covers a webpage entirely, so users don’t actually see the page in details. Of course, I will show it only to a small percentage of users like 3-5% until I will have required number of participants.

Can you share please your approach or recruiting tools for a similar task?


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