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Hi everyone, My application is having information architecture like image, I am deciding between horizontal navigation and vertical navigation. I feel using vertical navigation would be better in this case, However there are many people saying to use horizontal navigation. What is the best option?

  • The right Sub menu 2.1 and 2.2 should be Sub menu 4.1 and 4.2, shouldn't they? What do you mean by "deciding between horizontal navigation and vertical navigation"? The sketch contains both: horizontal menu bar items and vertical menu items, which looks OK IMO. Mar 1 at 1:53
  • Thanks for reply. I mean this is the information structure on my application. The horizontal menu will look like this with the dropdown, while the vertical menu selection is the left menu
    – Kcnguyen
    Mar 1 at 1:56
  • 1
    Can you show an example of both horizontal and vertical? Mar 1 at 8:18

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After a little research on my project, I came to the conclusion that horizontal navigation is the best option. Especially in cases of complex architecture and a large number of submenus.

If you look at all the major projects (Salesforce, Stocks market apss, Jira, etc.) you will notice that they all use vertical navigation.

I highly recommend you read Taras's article on this topic - https://uxdesign.cc/top-navigation-vs-side-navigation-wich-one-is-better-24aa5d835643

  • 1
    Thanks @AndriiD, I found the answer in the article you shared
    – Kcnguyen
    Mar 2 at 6:25

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