I am learning web development, and in the process of taking inspiration for UI online, I came across gumroad.com. Its design is bright, colorful, blocky, doodly, etc.

I want to learn about this design, but due to my lack of knowledge of design terminology, I do not what is it called. A friend told me, its called outline design, or bubble design; but Google search with those keywords is not very promising.

Randomly searching on google gave suggestions like "brutalism", "bauhaus style" etc.

I am really confused because I do not know what any of this is called, where to even begin google search, and how to even ask questions about it.

I would really appreciate if someone can explain what the design theme of gumroad.com is called, if design theme is even the correct vocabulary, and where can I learn and study that design style.


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Okay after 2 hours of Google searches, I found the word, it is neubrutalism!

  • The question remaining now is that, where can I learn about it? Is there a proper book to learn different designs etc?
    – user164547
    Feb 3 at 14:35

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