I'm working on a platform that should display Success and Error notifications when the user performs certain actions.

Initially we thought about placing the notifications in the top right corner, but we realized that they would hide part of the top-bar actions menu.

My first thought was to change the position of the toasts to the bottom right corner, but some colleagues think they would be more visible down the center.

I was wondering if there is a consensus, or default place to place these notifications, or if there are reasons to avoid placing them somewhere specific.

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Well, it depends. If the actions being performed are crucial and users must know if their actions have successfully been completed or failed, positioning them in the centre is the best way. However, in any other case, positioning them in 'the bottom right corner' is your answer. The reason is users are familiar with notifications appearing in the bottom right corner, and they will get instantly noticed by the user. Windows notifications always appear in the bottom right corner is also one of the reasons to consider positioning them there. enter image description here

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