In the settings of a web application, admins can select "custom fields" of different types: number, selector, multi-select, etc.

We added an option that allow user (not admin) to type their own option, just like an "other" option where user are free to input what they want.

We currently added an option for admin to allow free editing named (translation): "Allow create option on the fly".

Still it's not clear: we could think that it actually creates the option on the fly, making it globally available. In fact, it just allow to add a free text, just like when we have "other" in a form

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    "Allow user to add a custom choice to their list." If "user" has a distinctive name: customer, client, teacher..., use it. Jan 24 at 10:08

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  • Permettre/Autoriser l'ajout de texte
  • Permettre/Autoriser des choix personnalisés
  • Permettre/Autoriser des options supplémentaires/personnalisées

Le terme "temporaire" peut aussi être utilisé, difficile sans le contexte :)

  • Thank you! Maybe my question was unclear. It is more about the configuration for admins. Admins can tell "this option allows free input" or "this option disallow free input". I don't know how to name this option.
    – rap-2-h
    Jan 24 at 9:35
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    @rap-2-h yes it's more clear now :)
    – SylvainBTL
    Jan 24 at 10:06

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