I'm designing the subscription flow for my site and I don't want users to drop off during the checkout process.

A common reason for existing users to drop off was due to them forgetting their password and resetting it would take some time. So, I want to skip this login/signup step.


  1. How can Existing users who are logged out buy the subscription on the same email address without logging in? - This is done in The Guardian Check it out here
  2. How the linking of the subscription is done to the email address user provided.
  3. What if a user enters the wrong email id during purchase? How can he get back his subscription? I wanted to understand this from the user experience point of view.


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    While you are asking for a UX answer, your 2nd and 3rd questions are firmly about implementation. Your first question is a bit unclear. If email is your username/user id, then the verification would happen through the email itself using a verification link (which is what I am assuming happens in the example website). Otherwise, the user has to reset their password if they wish to use an existing account because the system can't allow duplicate accounts with the same email. Which, in turn, makes this entirely an implementation question Jan 4 at 9:44


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