Designing an enterprise application with 2 tab options that will render separate tables. I want to add a description to the tab to make it clearer to the users, and provide more context. Here are 3 options I am considering with their pros and cons. Would love community inputs :)

Option 1: onHover interaction, very lightweight and non disruptive. However the description has to be very small for it to work.

Option 2: Information icon, user has to hover/ click on the information icon to see the description. It calls some attention, however I am unsure if tabs have information icon?

Option 3: Persistent information, which user will learn about if they use the platform 3-4 times. Could be redundant, and since there is a table rendered under this tab, it will add extra space up top with not so important information.

Option 1 to 3 for rendering tab descriptions

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Here's a combination of #1 and #3...

Provide a mouseover popup with a brief description. A "More..." link can be provided to provide additional information (...more on that later.):

tab flyover


Once the tab is selected provide an expandable/collapsible information link with a full description:

tab open

"i" clicked:

tab info


Clicking the "More..." link, presented in the flyover, automatically opens the tab and the additional information.

Instead of using the information icon on the Tab page, a simple "About this page +/-" activator link can be used to expand and collapse the long page description.


You can do what many applications do, a show/hide tooltips button, so the user can choose when to see or not the tooltips or decide to stop seeing them once seen for the first time.



  • Option 1 I think this option is not ideal because user doesn't have enough information to see the tooltip.
  • Option 2 & option 3 In my opinion, to figure out what's best for this project, it's best to have data from conducting user research. If >60% of users understand the content without context, then it will be okay to use option 02 whereas if

60% of users fail to understand the content without context, then option 03 would be the best to go ahead with.


you can always have a dismissible information message-bubble within each tab, users who have read that can dismiss it and not see them again (provided you have a centralised FAQ/knowledge-base around)

however, I think the tab should be somewhat self-explanatory on what data it contains.

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