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msedge vertical tabs

Proposal for horizontal tabs

I would love to have the groups as normal horizontal tabs. Each Group would render one tab. Clicking on a group-tab would expand (toggle collapse) all pages as normal tabs next to the group-tab.

With three group-tabs the layout should look like this

   | Group-1   Tab 1  Group-2 Group-3  Tab 8  Tab 24   Tab 7 
   | ________________         ______________________________

Above Group-1 and Group-3 are expanded. Therefore all page-tabs below Group-1 and 3 are visible. The Tab Group-2 is collapsed: therefore page-tabs are not visible.

To save some space the Name of a group-tab could be shortened if the group is expanded (Pla,Sup). Only for collapsed group-tabs (like Edge_Devel below) the full name is displayed:

   | Pla   Tab 1  Edge_Devel Sup  Tab 8  Tab 24   Tab 7 
   | ___________             ______________________________

Related but not relevant for my question


Do you have any suggestions how to improve my proposal for horizontal tabs?


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As ro-achterberg pointed out ms-edge has a feature that is implemented similar to what is described above.

Below you can see three tab-groups

  • ux echange is the first group and has one tab
  • Edge_Developer is the 2nd tab group and is collapsed. It contains two tabs (not visible)
  • Superuser is the 3r tab group and collapsed as well.

edge horizontal tab-groups

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