I'm going to be running an in-person Multi-User Testing Project with multiple facilitators. I have tasks and questions for the facilitators to run through the project but am looking for a template for the tasks or an example of how the task sheet should be outlined.

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In my opinion, a template for organizing tasks and questions for a multi-user testing project would include the following elements:

  • A brief introduction or overview of the project, including its goals and objectives, the user groups being tested, and any key assumptions or hypotheses being tested.
  • A list of the tasks that will be conducted during the project, along with detailed instructions on how to perform each task and any relevant materials or resources that facilitators will need.
  • A set of standardized questions or prompts that facilitators can use to guide the user through each task and elicit feedback and insights. These questions should be open-ended and designed to encourage users to share their thoughts and experiences in their own words.
  • A set of standardized observations or notes that facilitators can use to document the user's behavior, reactions, and feedback during each task. These observations should be objective and focused on capturing the user's experience and responses, rather than the facilitator's personal impressions or interpretations.
  • A set of standardized debrief questions or prompts that facilitators can use to review the user's experience and feedback at the end of each task. These questions should be designed to help facilitators identify common themes and patterns across the user group, and to identify any potential areas for improvement or further investigation.

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