are there studies available that can proof (or discredit) the fact that serving a professional service to a customer using a chat backed by specialized human operators is better than a self-service web interface especially for customers aged between 50 and 70?

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Yes, there are a lot of studies on this subject. All the studies I know confirm your hypothesis (live is better), which is kind of obvious. In psychology, a need for help adds stress to an already existing cognitive load (the need to know something), which in turn makes things more difficult. If you're still stuck, there are two options: You blame yourself for not being intelligent enough to understand the system, or you blame the system and leave.

It's more helpful if you've someone to guide you through the process. And when things don't work, the user can blame the operator.

While you can argue that you can get things done faster instead of waiting for help (which I personally prefer), the reality is that most users prefer a human to assist them.


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